Bug #17781: Resolv::DNS RequestID table allocations are never freed, causing DNS lookups to eventually hang - Ruby master - Ruby Issue Tracking System


@zundan Oh!!!

Is this the problem everyone's been having?! How did you manage to find it?

And I never noticed it because I'm still using 2.6.6 in production...

@Gargron I've just noticed this Ruby's bug in a PR to a work related code, while I personally haven't been able to reproduce Sidekiq hanging after a while as Heroku restarts processes every 24 hours.

@Gargron well, only thing Sidekiq log was claiming was that 'warn your redis connection...' but yes, on ruby 2.7.3
(ruby 2.7.3p183 (2021-04-05 revision 6847ee089d))


@spla @Gargron It looks like RTT to the Redis server is measured within the Siedekiq code therefore an infinite loop in another Ruby thread seems possible to trigger the warning.

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